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Generate Flash Deals, Exclusive Deals, and In-store specials. No design required!

Flash Deals

Flash deals are time limited to no more than 24 hours. These are great for urgent, unplanned deals to drive traffic to your restaurant during off-peak hours.


Exclusive Deals

Deals that are only on InstaEats and made for our exclusive members that are dedicated to saving regularly.


In-Store Specials

Great for showcasing the ongoing specials you already offer in-store. Daily deals and lunch hour specials are perfect fits.


So what's the big deal?


Turn food into revenue
before it turns into waste with ATM deals

The idea here is that if the customers know
they can't hold on to the coupons for too
long, they are more likely to act fast.


Increase traffic to your restaurant when you need it most.

Offer time specific deals with the ATM deals feature at off-peak hours to drive traffic


Let people know about your hidden deals

Let people know about those "At The Moment" & "Ongoing" deals that your offer. Daily deals, lunch hour specials, blockbuster blowouts and any other time specific deals are perfect fits


Open your restaurant for discovery and increase your brand presence.

Just by being present will act as a subtle
reminder to customers around you


It's simple, easy at the click of a button for the busy restaurant owners.

With a simple one time setup, you can be running deals at the click of a button.


It's the fastest way from creation to results

It's the fastest way to make discounts, get them in the hands of potential customers and those customers in your restaurant.

InstaEats connects this
divide in harmony


No transaction fees, Keep 100% of sales!



Access to ongoing deals.Your deals will be listed on the InstaEats platform to users nearby.

  • Unlimited Ongoing Deals
  • Higher listing priority while running a deal
  • Notify customers who love your restaurant every time a new ongoing deal gets created
  • Get one time access to ATM deal by paying $10
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Access to ongoing and
at the moment (ATM) deals. Your deals will be listed on the InstaEats platform to users nearby. 

  • Everything from starters plan
  • Unlimited At The Moment (ATM) Deals
  • Notify customers who love your restaurant every time you run an ATM deal.
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Coming Soon!

You'll get everything in plus with a little boost to reach more customers - coming soon!

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